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Isolux Corsán - Parkings

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20.000 parking spaces managed in Spain

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Our services

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The activities of Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos encompass a set of services that can offer not only the management of 58 car parks in 29 Spanish cities, but also integral solutions for public and private entities to solve traffic or parking problems.

The company, a subsidiary of the Isolux Corsán Group, has the capacity to perform mobility and traffic studies, as well as preliminary plans, blueprints and project execution for the construction of car parks thanks to the skills and experience possessed by the whole company.

Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos also offers public (municipalities, etc.) and private entities with advisory and feasibility studies on parking, allowing clients to adopt the best solutions to traffic and parking problems.

The company has the capacity to assume the management of the construction of car parks in addition to the management or operation of third-party car parks.

Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos has implemented industry's most innovative technologies across the parking network that allows it to achieve a high degree of cutting edge automation and control systems. This provides the efficient management of resources and greater security and convenience for users.

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