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Isolux Corsán is a major international company in the installation and maintenance of high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines. It has more than 10,000 kilometers of lines built and being installed in the United States, Latin America and Africa

The specialisation that the company has acquired in this sector enables it to act with maximum efficacy in processes involving topography, civil engineering, electromechanical engineering and structure distribution, general storage and supply control, as well as construction and commissioning of lines and substations.

The construction of 1,191 kilometers of high-voltage line in Amazonas, to connect Manaos and Macapa to the national grid in Brazil is the division's greatest challenge in terms of both complexity and size. It must overcome the technical problems posed by the terrain in the midst of the Amazon jungle, with greatest respect to the natural environment and biodiversity.

The Isolux Corsán T&D division also operates in Argentina, Mexico, India, and Qatar. Last year, the company reinforced its business in Africa with activities in Angola, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Algeria, Kenya, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

The Installations, Maintenance & Services area in Isolux Corsán provides a wide range of services, including electrical, mechanical and special installations, railway electrification and signage, deployment and maintenance of electrical and telecommunications networks, electromechanical installations for airports and shipping, security and control systems, and industrial services and maintenance.

The great majority of the business is in T&D. The company constructs more than 500 kilometres of very high voltage transmission lines a year

In this business area, the main activities are grouped as follows:

Key projects

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