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Watsegur carries out the engineering, design, assembly, commissioning, training and maintenance of special and security facilities. It is registered with the Ministry of the Interior (as required under Act23/92), and also provides fire protection services.

Its main activities are:

  • Perimeter security installations. Installation of CCTV, video-sensor, microwave and infrared barrier, video-recording and access-control systems.
  • Interior Security. Carries out projects for transmitting pictures to checkpoints, installing volumetric sensors, controlling cell doors, and entrance/exit gates, with the possibility of touch-screen controls.
  • Fire-protection systems. Implements analogic, conventional and aspirating smoke detection systems, and fire extinction systems using water via BIE hoses, hydrants and sprinklers, nebulized water and gas extinction systems, sectorisation, sealing, signage, emergency and evacuation plans, and smoke evacuation and conduction.
  • Emergency communications.
  • Public-address systems and interphones.

Over the last few years, Watsegur has been a Spanish and international benchmark for quality installation and commissioning of security systems. It has participated in the development of over twenty prisons inside Spain and abroad. At present, it is executing the project for the Ceuta Penitentiary Institution.

It has also designed, implemented and commissioned integrated security systems in twenty-six PV plants such that they can be run from the Grupo T-Solaroperation and maintenance centre.

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