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Commitments Responsility Principles

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Isolux Corsán is consistently delivering on its commitment to all its stakeholders - employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers. We know this is the only way to guarantee genuine sustainability.

Isolux Corsán acts according to the following Corporate Responsibility principles:

  • Legal compliance in all business and professional activities pursued in all the countries where any Group company operates. 
  • Dialogue, integrity and transparency in all business and professional activities with respect to our stakeholders, furnishing true, reliable and accessible information.
  • Scrupulous respect towards the principles included in the Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Prevention of pollution and minimisation of the environmental impact our activities might occasion.
  • Seeking  continuous improvement and quality in our services, providing employees with the necessary systems to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Efficacy and efficiency in all our activities, using the most suitable resources in each case.
  • Upgrade the R&D&I in the activities we carry out.
  • Collaboration in the economic and social development of the areas in which we act.

These principles, and those established in the Global Compact, are integrated an entrenched within the company's corporate strategy and for the commitments of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy:

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