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Commitment to customers

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Isolux Corsán undertakes to meet the highest quality standards in all its projects.

Isolux Corsán is aware that the company's growth and competitiveness depends directly on its ability to satisfy not just the direct users of its works, but also all its other stakeholders, wherever they may be.

Isolux Corsán applies a Corporate Quality Management System to its day-to-day management. The key document in the system is its Corporate Quality Policy. This commits the company to:

  • Develop and implement Quality Management systems suitable to the organisation and in keeping with the principles established in the ISO 9001 international standard and adopt measures to continuously improve the efficiency of the systems it already has in operation.
  • Comply with the applicable requirements for products and services supplied, meeting legal requirements and the specifications of customers for whom they are intended.
  • Optimise the management of working processes and methodologies, information, procurement, resources and skills and internal or external relations that are involved in carrying out its activities.
  • Establish and monitor compliance with objectives in keeping with this policy and in keeping with the organisation's capacities.
  • Ensure that these objectives contribute to improving the quality of the company's products and services and the efficiency of its quality management system.
  • The company periodically reviews this policy to keep it in line with the management's strategic vision and objectives. It is permanently on the look-out to detect new needs in the societies, the natural environments and the markets where it operates.

Isolux Corsán has implemented several methods for assessing the efficiency of its Corporate Quality Management System. One of the most important systems operates surveys to find out just how satisfied its customers really are. Isolux Corsán evaluates their overall degree of satisfaction and also focuses on tangible issues such as the tender bid, the quality of the documents exchanged while the projects are being executed, the processing of complaints and the quality of the works finally delivered.

The Group’s customers can add observations and include proposals for improvement, which are taken into account when making decisions for continuous improvement within the company.

Another method for assessing the Corporate Quality Management System is to carry out Internal Audits on its projects.

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