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Commitment to employees

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Optimise management of talent and employees' commitment to the company.

Isolux Corsán applies an employment policy that aims to optimise our management of talent and strengthen our employees’ commitment to the company's mission. We use a range of measures and tools to help people who work for us to achieve their most aspirational goals both in their professional career and in their quality of life. The strategy is based on four aspects:

  • Developing human capital. The Group follows an internal recruitment and promotion strategy to boost the skilling of its staff. It offers opportunities to its employees by publishing new jobs and vacancies on the corporate intranet to increase internal mobility. It has also signed cooperation agreements with key teaching institutions and universities to take on students as trainees and interns, as a step prior to potentially employing them.
  • Encouraging a more internationally focused strategy. Isolux Corsán wishes to find people who combine excellent technical qualifications with language skills; people who want to work on large projects with colleagues of different nationalities wherever the opportunity arises. The company has thus set up training programmes and applies diversity integration policies. Isolux Corsán has 43 different nationalities on its staff world-wide. Its human relations department encourages geographical mobility and uses corporate tools to facilitate a truly global management of talent. These include training, dissemination of corporate policies and internal meetings to establish knowledge synergies.
  • Encouraging internal talent. Isolux Corsán has implemented a performance assessment process to identify the talents of its technical staff, with individualised evaluation of development needs feeding into specific high-value training courses.
  • Assuring excellence. The company provides ongoing training to its employees, to maintain their high level of professional competence. It uses state-of-the-art teaching methods and tries to maximise the number of employees with access to courses.

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