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In Bolivia, Isolux Corsán has been awarded a contract to build a hydropower plant in Bolivia, valued at $398M.

The project includes the construction, in the province of Inquisivi, of two hydropower substations that will have a generation capacity of over 200 MW.

Isolux Corsán is currently building 77 kilometres of highway that correspond to the second section of the Oruro-La Paz dual carriageway, which will connect the towns of Mantecani and Lequepampa.

Isolux Corsán signs a contract to build a hydropower plant in Bolivia for $398M.

This project is of utmost importance to the region as the relief of its harsh terrain hampers paving work. Furthermore, a good deal of the complexity in the execution of this initiative lies in the altitude where the work is done, 4,100 metres above sea level, in an area of Bolivian high plateau where access is difficult.

The activities to be carried out include widening the carriageway and increasing its width to 7.60 metres, in addition to draining works and the building of seven bridges and pedestrian walkways.

The Group is also restoring and paving the Quiquibey–Yucumo section, which forms part of Bolivia’s North Corridor and constitutes one of the most important regional, economic and social integration focal points of the country.

Isolux Corsán manages, through its subsidiary Tecna, will develop the first gas processing train of three production wells for the Inauhasi Project. The contract includes detailed engineering, supply, installation, construction, connection, testing, pre-launch and assistance during commissioning of all facilities for Phase I.

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