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Isolux Corsán's activity in Asia brings in 13% of the EPC revenue. This continent is one of the geographical areas with the highest growth potential for the company, which has relevant projects underway, at different stages of development, in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

India is the country where Isolux Corsán has the largest business volume on the Asian continent. The company has more than 700 km of toll roads under concession and an investment of over €2 bn, making Isolux Corsán the largest European infrastructure developer in the country.

It is also executing power projects, such as the construction of several transmission lines in Uttar-Pradesh and in the state of Maharastra.

The most important milestones of  the area at the moment, include three large power generation projects in Bangladesh. The first has included the construction of a 180 MW open cycle power planta in Khulna, the third largest industrial city of Bangladesh. The second project, located in Siddhirganj (one of the first industrial hubs in the country),  is a 330 MW combined cycle plant.   These contract have been awarded by the national electricity company of Bangladesh North- West Power Generation Company of Bangladesh, respectively.

The third project involves the construction of a 400 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Bangladesh. The client is the Ministry of Energy and Mining of that country and the award is an EPC contract.

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