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1,191 kilometers of electricity transmission in Amazonas - | America


Isolux Corsán has been awarded the sole tender for building and running 1,191 kilometers of 500 kV and 230 kV high voltage lines connecting Manaus, the capital of the State of Amazonas (Brazil), with the country's national grid and will allow the electricity produced by the Tucuruí hydro-electric power station to be fed into it.

One of the most important commissioning throughout Latin America.

This project, funded by the Banco de la Amazonía, is one of the most complex projects that Isolux Corsán has taken on, both because of its dimensions and because of the difficulties of the terrain, in the heart of the Amazon.

The Project involved the construction of 1,191 km of transmission lines with a voltage of 500 and 230 kV, which will enable the use of renewable energy for electricity consumption in the region of Manaus, the biggest city in Brazilian Amazon area.

It is one of the most representative Works of the Company because of the difficulties of the territory and its dimensions, as they have been used more than 26,000 km of aluminum cable, equivalent to half the circumference of the earth.

Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and thus the emission of gases greenhouse, are some of the benefits derived from this project.

3,000 employees, mainly Brazilians, involved in the first crossing of transmission conductors of cable across the Amazon River living in the 14 camps that had been built to house the site workers for however long their mission takes



1,191 kilometers of electricity transmission in Amazonas
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The project in numbers

  • Business category: Construction of T&D lines
  • Location: Amazonas | Brasil
  • Budget: €1,000 M
  • Length: 1,191 km
  • Transmission capacity:2,400 MW

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