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Electrical installation on North Sea Giant - Spain | Europe


Isolux Corsán was commissioned by Metalships&Docs to do the electrical installation on the North Sea Giant, a multi-purpose vessel that is considered to be the largest off-shore support ship in the world.

Electrical installation for the largest off-shore support vessel in the world .

With a total budget of €4.9m and a one-year deadline to carry it out, the Isolux Corsán Installations, Maintenance & Services division was responsible for supplying the ship’s electrical distribution panels, the pump starter motors and frequency converters, the battery chargers and the transformers (690/440V 1,500 KVA).

Isolux Corsán also took responsibility for supplying and installing all the lighting material, such as navigation lights and projectors, unit heaters, electric radiators and the Ethernet equipment. Over 300,000 meters of cable were used in all.



Electrical installation on North Sea Giant
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The project in numbers

  • Business category: Electrical installation
  • Customer: North Sea Shipping
  • Budget: €4.9m
  • Cable employed: 300,000 metres
  • Lead time: 1 year

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