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Electricity power plant in Khulna | Bangladesh - | Asia


Isolux Corsán has built an open-cycle electrical power plant with 150 MW installed capacity. It is to be in Khulna, the third biggest industrial city in Bangladesh, 150 km from the capital, Dacca. 

Isolux Corsán has accumulated longstanding experience in building and commissioning power plants to generate electricity using a range of technologies: open-cycle, combined-cycle, cogeneration, coal-fired, wind-driven, photovoltaic, biofuel and hydraulic.

The plant services 5M inhabitants

The construction of the Khulna plant is the first project that Isolux Corsán has executed  in Bangladesh.  The Group is thus consolidating its operation in Asia, where it has stable operations in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and India.  In India, it has 710 km of toll roads under concession, and is also constructing and commissioning several power transmission lines in Uttar-Pradesh and the state of Maharashtra.



Electricity power plant in Khulna | Bangladesh
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  • Business category:Electric generation
  • Location:Khulna | Bangladesh
  • Costumer:Bangladesh public electricity utility, North-West Power Generation Company Ltd
  • Budget:€114M
  • Transmission capacity: 150 MW
  • Population served:5M inhabitants
  • Commissioning:2013

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