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Lagares sewage plant (Vigo) - Spain | Europe


Isolux Corsán and OHL are building the largest biofiltration sewage plant in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. It is located in Lagares (Vigo).

With an initial treatment capacity for 147,000 cubic meters a day, the new plant will benefit a population of 800,000 inhabitants.

This facility incorporates high technology for treating waste waters to tackle environmental requirements, reduce use of space and make the installations more flexible to changing flow rates, which is important in Vigo.

Biofiltration technology has been employed for this, reducing the release of organic material to a minimum, avoiding the problem of sewage polluting the estuary and minimising smells.

The new plant will benefit a population of 800,000 inhabitants.

The new sewage plant will be basically located on the same site as the current plant, which will be decomissioned. However, more efficient in use of space, it will free up 25,277 square meters that will be used to restore the marshes and their natural buffer zones.

The facility will also employ biogas to generate electricity, with which it can cover 36% of its total energy consumption.


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Lagares sewage plant (Vigo)
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The project in numbers

  • Business category:Water treatment
  • Location:Vigo | España
  • Customer:Acuanorte
  • Budget:€136,7M
  • Treatment capacity:147.000 m3/day
  • Population served:800,000 inhabitants
  • Commissioning:2016

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