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Loma de la Lata combined-cycle plant - Argentina | America


Isolux Corsán carried out the conversion of the Loma de la Lata thermal power plant in Neuquén (Argentina) into a combined-cycle plant. This has added a further 175 MW into the country's national electricity grid.

The power plant at Loma de la Lata adds 175 MW to its production with the conversion to combined cycle.

The plant initially had an installed capacity of 370 MW, which has now been boosted to a total of 530 MW. Isolux Corsán carried out this project for Pampa Energía for a total sum of US$ 190m (approx. €165m), handing it over in November 2010.



Loma de la Lata combined-cycle plant
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The project in numbers

  • Business category: Energy
  • Location: Loma de La Lata, Neuquén | Argentina
  • Technology: Conversion of the Loma de la Lata power plant to combined-cycle technology
  • Final installed capacity: 530 MW
  • Customer: Pampa Energía
  • Type of project: EPC
  • Budget: US$ 190m
  • Date of award: 2007
  • Date of delivery: 2010

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