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Salto Andersen hydroelectric plant - Argentina | America


Isolux Corsán has built the Salto Andersen hydroelectric plant in Argentina's Patagonia,  in the Río Negro province.  The plant will generate an average annual output of 52.5 MWh. That energy is equivalent to supplying electricity to a population of 30,000.

The plant is located 70Km upstream of the city of Río Colorado. Its construction required a capex of €18.7m, and has given work to half a million workers.

Power plant in Argentina to supply electricity to 30,000 inhabitants.

The works make it possible to take advantage of a natural waterfall with a 7.50 meter drop along the Colorado river, with a flow of 120 cubic meters per second. The rivers waters are harnessed for two purposes by means of a dike, which redirects the rivers waters to a secondary channel. The water can then be used for either power generation or irrigation. The electricity generated is uploaded onto the National Grid and supplies the local and regional Rio Negro power lines. 

Isolux Corsán has built the Salto Andersen plant with two Semi Kaplan turbines, each with a maximum rated power of 3,93 MW.  The company also built the plant's 532m2 building.


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Salto Andersen hydroelectric plant
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The project in numbers

  • Business category: Industrial project construction
  • Location: Salto Andersen. Río Negro| Argentina
  • Developer: Departamento Provincial de Aguas (DPA)
  • Capex: €2 bn
  • Installed capacity: 52.5 MWh
  • Technology: Semi Kaplan Turbines

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