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The most southerly generation plant in the world - Argentina | America


Isolux Corsán builds an electrical generation plant with state-of-the-art fluidized bed combustion technology next to the only coal seam in Argentina (on the Turbio river).  The project is a turnkey EPC project, with a budget of US$ 650m (some €445m) and will have an installed capacity of 240 MW. 

The Rio Turbio generatio plant in Patagonia has an installed capacity of 240 MW .

It is the southernmost coal-fired power plant in the world, and will make an important contribution to the economic development of south Argentina. The project has been designed with maximum respect towards the environment.

Its CFB (circulating fluidized bed) technology guarantees low emission levels and enhances the natural equilibrium in the region. The plant will be fired exclusively with coal produced at the Rio Turbio mine. It will be cooled by aerocondensators that conserve the water balance. The plant does not need ugly cooling towers, which means that it will not be an eyesore in the area.

The works are being carried out together with Tecna and Ghesa. Foster Wheeler, world leader in fluidized bed boilers, is a key technology provider.



The most southerly generation plant in the world
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The project in numbers

  • Business category: Energy
  • Location: Santa Cruz | Argentina
  • Technology: Circulating fluidized bed coal-fired power plant • Installed capacity: 240 MW
  • Customer: YCRT (Yacimiento Carbonífero Río Turbio)
  • Technology provider: Foster Wheeler
  • Type of project: EPC
  • Budget: US$ 650m

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