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Commitment to suppliers

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Isolux Corsán certifies its suppliers and contractors applying economic, technical, logistical, labour, environmental and health & safety criteria. Its certified suppliers are subject to ongoing assessment and undertake to uphold its code of ethics.

When procuring goods and services, Isolux Corsán relies on a set of corporate purchasing regulations and detailed purchasing procedures for each of its business lines. These are applicable in all the countries where it operates.

These internal standards enable it to regulate purchasing processes, lay down guidelines for their correct implementation and determine a suitable segregation of functions in order to apply best procurement practices benchmarked in the international market.

Pursuant to the Group's Corporate Responsibility principles, Isolux Corsán applies its identification and evaluation procedures to all its current and potential suppliers, based on their degree of compliance with the following strategic requirements:

  • Transparency and equal opportunities.
  • Compliance with applicable quality standards.
  • Strict application of all legal regulations regarding corporate, employment, environmental and health & safety issues, or of any other kind, that may be applied at any time.

These practices enable it to select certified suppliers not just on the basis of the monetary, technical or logistical benefits in their bids, but also with respect to their records of compliance in social, labour relations, environmental and health & safety matters.

The certification process means that Isolux Corsán can be sure that it is optimising its relationship with the best suppliers of the goods and services it needs. This adds value to the final product that is delivered to our customers and benefits society as a whole.

The certified suppliers’ panel is there to help managers involved in procurement for individual projects. It enables them to draw on the entire Group’s experience to ensure they find the most suitable supplier in each case, basing every decision on a comparative analysis over a wide data set.

When awarding contracts to suppliers, the Group also has a code of ethics and best procurement practices which is applied to all purchases, whether they are from global or local suppliers. All contracts with the Group make it mandatory for the contractor to uphold the company's ethical principles.

Suppliers working with Isolux Corsán are subject to a final assessment of their performance. This evaluates their degree of compliance with the Isolux Corsán principles in matters such as health & safety, the quality of the good or service supplied, and their environmental impact during the time in which the supply lasted.

With this ongoing assessment, Isolux Corsán can keep the information in its certified supplier panel totally up to date, so that each purchasing decision is based on a fair and efficient process.

Isolux Corsán also has IT tools to ensure the robustness and traceability of its procurement processes. These tools bring together information on all the projects, business areas and countries, providing a world-wide overview of the processes. The information is globally available, which means that any experience with suppliers can be called up to optimise the procurement processes wherever the company may be operating.

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