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The construction of the Oran tram is one of the biggest projects Isolux Corsán has underway in Algeria.The new infrastructure runs through the city centre and will connect the airport to the university.

The configuration of the line in an "L" shape means that it can service the city centre and also tackle the problems of urban sprawl in the connections with the outlying areas.

The company constructs the Oran tram and various water treatment plants and conduits.

With a budget of €340m, the construction of the first tram line in Oran is the most ambitious project Algeria's second-largest city has ever taken on.

The group is also engineering other electrical and environmental projects in this north-African country. These include Isolux Corsán building a substation in Khenchela.

Likewise, it is developing the water conduits for the desalination plant in Mostaganem, the water-treatment plant in El Bayad and the conduits for the water-treatment plant in Mactaa.

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