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We help you resolve any doubts you might have about our company.

We want to help you choose a career. To this end we have created this space to answer the questions you've probably had about our company.

How many employees does Isolux Corsán have?

Isolux Corsán's workforce consists of more than 5,000 people totalling 40 different nationalities. 

Can I work in any country where Isolux Corsán does business?

The Human Resources Department selects the right people for each position and assesses their abilities to work where they can add value to the company. In Isolux Corsán we strive to facilitate the international careers and professional ambitions of our people.

Does Isolux Corsán promote the mobility of employees?

The Group's mobility policies contribute to allowing our professionals to work in international projects or grow their careers to senior positions or new functions.

What advantages does working for Isolux Corsán have?

Our global presence offers many growth opportunities in different business areas in Spain and in the countries where we do business.

The Group promotes the training of our professionals in order to develop their potential. Another of our concerns is work-life balance and we adopt measures that encourage the motivation of our team, improve their quality of life and enhance their growth in the company.

We identify and develop the talents of our workforce, adapting this talent to the common goals of the company and of the person.

Does Isolux Corsán have policies to reconcile family and work life?

The company cares about the reconciliation of work and family life, establishing policies and providing services that promote this reconciliation for our employees.

If I go to work at a job, can I be promoted to another position even having started in another category?

Of course. The company has a Corporate Internal Recruitment and Selection Policy that defines the procedures for offering vacancies and studying applications internally to promote the development of our talented professionals.

What regime is applied to employees working outside their countries of origin??

The Group has an international mobility and expatriation policy that facilitates and promotes the access of our professionals to international projects. The Human Resources Department advises employees on the procedures required to work in another country.

Is the selection process confidential??

All selection processes are strictly confidential. No one but the Isolux Corsán Human Resources team and you are aware of the your participation in these processes.

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