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  • Kumar Surveyor

    Following completion of a 700 km highway in India, they have suggested me for the second phase of the construction of Sao Paulo subway Line 4. I think I’m going to learn a lot in this Company.

  • Robert Energy Project Manager

    How could I have ever known when I first joined the Group that I was going to go so far? I started out on at technical consultant after graduating from Engineering School, and I have been a Technical Studies Engineer, a Site Engineer and am now a Project Manager.

  • Marcella Renewable Energy Engineer

    When I was studying, I dreamed of being able to take part in innovative projects. That dream has now come true and has turned out even better than I had originally hoped. Thanks to my having joined the Company, I am currently working on the construction of a photovoltaic plant.

  • Berta Energy Project Manager

    Last year they selected me for the Large-Scale Projects Management course, which has been quite useful as a result of the knowledge and skills acquired, but what I remember the most is that those of us attending were of different nationalities. It was highly gratifying to share our experiences and to see, first-hand, just how enriching diversity is.

  • Omar Facilities Draftsman

    If I had to sum up Isolux Corsán in just one word, I’d say “TEAMWORK”. All of us are always looking to help one another, and we enjoy spending time together. The type of projects we work on brings people close together.

  • Klaus Civil Works Site Manager

    On the worksite, we are all like just one big family. We share a lot of things, and we all help each other out, even though each one of us has our own trade.

  • Joao T&D Facilities Engineer

    When you are working on electrifying a town where hundreds of people live, you often forget about the problems you have to overcome. It’s a job that is fulfilling in every sense of the Word.

  • Lucía General Services

    One of the things I like is that the Company collaborates in a great many solidary projects. Last year, for example, we donated 345 kilos of food for the Red Cross food program. They’re small things, but they say a lot.

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