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High-speed train in the Basque "Y" - Spain | Europe


Isolux Corsán is building the Guipuzcoan section of the high-speed train track between Tolosa and Hernialde, known as the Basque "Y". Apart from the complex technical and construction issues that this kind of infrastructure brings up, there is an additional matter that needs to be tackled here: minimisation of the visual and sound impact on the surrounding natural environment.

Isolux Corsán lays the Tolosa-Hernialde track in the Basque Country.

Special landscaping measures have been taken, blending in the infrastructure and running 700 meters of it underground, as well as routing most of the section through tunnels.

With the tender awarded for over  €104.7m, the section will be 3,811.7 meters long and entails the execution of three excavated tunnels, two false tunnels, four viaducts, an embankment section and an evacuation gallery in Montezkue.

The measures to ensure the infrastructure blends into its surroundings include the reutilisation of rubble from excavations, the lowering of surface levels, enhanced integration of tunnel mouths and the recovery of new areas that can be used for farming and livestock.



High-speed train in the Basque "Y"
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The project in numbers

  • Business category: Infrastructure Construction
  • Location: Basque Country | Spain
  • Customer: Basque Government
  • Year of award: 2010
  • Budget: €104.7m • Length 3,811.7 metros
  • Lead time: 26 months

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